Malienas Kauss Day 2 (18/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Silaktis
Organiser: OK Aluksne
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Shorthened long (chasing start)
Distance: 12.38 km
Time: 67:31
I started as number 8th after yesterdays' results, 4:32 behind Arturs Paulins. There were 4 runners in one and a half minute interval in front of me. That promised exciting race as this was a chasing start format.
To first controls I ran rather slowly to save some energy for more decisive distance parts in the end and also didn't feel so strong.
Route choice to 3rd was bad, I lost some time there but not too much.
To 6th, however, I couldn't spot the flag, relocated wrong and made a 1:20 mistake which led to Andris Kivlenieks catching me. To the next control we encountered some barbed wire fence and I found a hole in it faster. Andris injured his leg while behind me and I didn't see him until the finish.
The long leg I planned and executed very well, closing the gap to my rivals. I caught Andris Gailis and Zigmars Gailis near 9th and they didn't follow me. I caught Andris Cans to 11th control. I made a huge mistake at 13th control like most of the runners who had to take that control in the same direction as me. In reality the green continued also where the white forest is drawn and I ran down the hill on the next nose. I noticed something is wrong but couldn't figure out what it is. After 2:20 long confusion I finally understood where is the problem and found the control. Then and now I think that I am only partly responsible for this mistake as the map simply was not correct in that place. But such is the nature of this sport and I accept it.
Zigmars and Andris had passed me and Atis Reskis, that I had almost caught, was gone too. So the chase begun again. From 13th control onwards I had a really good feeling physically and technically, I dare to say I was flowing through the forest. This paid off as I punched 20th control, turned back and saw three earlier mentioned guys running up to it. I felt strong and secure and just ran away from them.
I hesitated a bit near 22nd control because I didn't spot the yellow strip at once. No time was lost there really, I jst became a little nervous.
I ran into finish in 4th position and that was the place I had earned. Even if the placing is OK, I can not be satistfied with my technical performance.
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Malienas Kauss Day 2 (18/08/2013) Malienas Kauss Day 2 (18/08/2013)