Ziemelu Divdienas Long (15/04/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Garciems-Carnikava
Organiser: OK Kapa, LOF
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Long
Distance: 15.65 km
Time: 79:15
Average HR: 101
Maximum HR: 101
Started second and ras all the way alone. Terrain and course were technical and I had a good flow until 17th control where I missed a little and started to be nervous.
Smaller mistakes followed but everything was under control.
Started to be fatigued on the loop 19-23, also fell off the slipery bridge when crossing the marsh to 21st.
Made a direction mistake to 26th, which was followed by a mistake to 28th. This area I knew from trainings other years and it was always a riddle for me. This time, altought the map was new, I didn't success as well.
Small hesitation to 29th and then full speed.
Had fourth best time but far away from top three - losing the winner Anatolijs Tarasovs 9 minutes and third place Edgars Bertuks 4.5 minutes. Passed Martins Sirmais in overall ranking because he ran the course in training speed and placed myself fourth. I lost to whom I had to lose and won who I had to win. Satisfied with my performances and results this weekend.
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Ziemelu Divdienas Long (15/04/2012) Ziemelu Divdienas Long (15/04/2012)