Cesu Sprints (22/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Cesis
Organiser: OK Meridians
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 4.04 km
Time: 16:38
Average HR: 180
Maximum HR: 199
First sprint course since Latvian Championships in early June. I had not done any preparations for sprint, orienteering or running-wise. I wanted to enjoy the race, but my performance and some problems with the course somehow ruined my mood. Here's detailed description of my race:
Before start: I felt yesterdays' long race in my legs but was not troubled by it. I felt good.
1. I had seen others running to the left so did I. Read that there is no short-cut and got it. 2nd best time +3'' to the best leg time 0''in mistakes
2. Beginning easy, second part of the leg - route choice. They were equal, but I made a mistake running around the church from the left - it was narrow and slippery. 5th, +7'', mistake 3''
3. I thought there were left and right option but couldn't see the left one so ran out to the right. Very easy afterwards. 3rd, +4'', no mistake
4. Didn't see the right shorter route-choice and just ran left, ran pretty fast. 2nd, +4','mistake 5''
5. Off to the big street. I had already read the control description at the start but stopped right before fence which turned out to be a wall. Quickly solved the problem. 2nd, +2'', mistake 1''
6. Very easy but I ran a bad micro-route choice down the stairs not through small trees. 4th, +3'', mistake 2''
7. I saw that I should use the path and the bridge because the river banks could be nasty. So I did, and ran straight up to the abandoned house. Crossing river to the right from the line turned out to be a little faster. 2nd, +1'', 3''mistake. At this point I was in solid 3rd position, only about 10 seconds after the leader.
8. Previously had noticed left route choice, but it was longer and slower than the right one. 6th, +6'', 5''mistake
9. Ran to the right not noticing on the map at the time that there are no gaps between the houses. When I realized that, I ran harder to the gap further down the street. Many runners in my class used an open gate that is drawn as closed which gave them about 5 second advantage.
10. Didn't see any other optimal route choice than to the left. As I read the map, I approached the fallen fence at the corner of the sports field, crossed it, and, realized I have made a mistake, returned back. Then back as I ran to the 6th and 7th, crossed the street and ran between the houses. I lost much time at the beginning and also didn't push as hard as Arturs who took the lead in this leg. 5th, +19'', 12''mistake.
11.The key in this leg was to notice the fence before the control. As I saw it, there was only route possible. As I approached the "ruin", I couldn't spot the flag. After some seconds of panic, I approached the house across the path. Facing the house, there was an old greenhouse which was the "ruin" with control. 4th, +12'', 9''mistake.
12. Decisive leg. Unfortunately not because of its' complexity. At first I tried to see a route to the right and already started moving that way. I suppose that the mistakes I had just made, affected me and made me nervous. As soon as I understood that there is no right route choice, I went left and did good. 6th, +30'', 11''mistake.
I made a big mistake at the beginning of this leg, but the biggest time loss is connected with, by accident or no, unfair route-choice by almost half of elite runners in my class - just running straight through olive-green, saving about 20 seconds. I am not sure why organizers had planned such leg, why there was also yellow colour on the map in that yard, why the fence was different from the one on the map, or why there were no guards or at least some tape, also the morale of my comrades is in question. It is sad that exactly this leg was decisive in fight for the bronze.
13. I considered both route choices - right is longer but with better attack to the control, left is shorter but with worse attack way. I took the left one, but as I was reading the map, i had detoured from the straight path I had used, approaching the 12th control. Then I also got confused on the crossroads, when I didn't read the map early enough as some little boys were screaming for assistance :D And then in the end I ran past the opening in the green, crossed some seriously bad green and finally ended this disasterous leg. 6th, +24'', 19'' in mistakes.
14. The control could be seen already from previous one but I still read the map very closely. 2nd, +1'', no mistake.
15. Just running, at this point I was feeling for the first time that I am getting tired. 3rd, +5'', no mistake.
16. Run. No acceleration. 4th, +3'', no mistake.
Finish. Finally some acceleration! 4th, +2''
Yeah, it was pretty bad from my part but I was feeling worse about the unfair situations in the course.
It was 4th place, in the end, 1:32 after Arturs Paulins, and 26 seconds after the third place. I was competitive for about half a course where there were some shorter legs with no big route-choices. Then lack of speed and planning ahead cost me a lot of time in the second part of the course.
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Cesu Sprints (22/09/2013) Cesu Sprints (22/09/2013)