Auseklis/Ozons night #6 my map and route (30/12/2013)
Category: Training
Map/area: Lielupe Z
Organiser: Davis Dislers
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Night middle
Distance: 7.94 km
Time: 47:39
Weekly night training with pair start. I had a relief map with reduced contours. I started in the end and ran in moderate speed - not forcing myself to run especially fast or slow.
Mistake to 2nd was because I for some moments in my mind was already running to 13.
Confusion before 5th, another runner helped me to spot the control.
Small mistake to 7th after not keeping direction.
Safe choices to 8th and 9th.
On my way to 10th a stick got stuck into my shoelaces so I had to stop and re-tie them, getting the stick out. It cost not only 1:15 that I spent there, but my direction which I had to correct afterwards.
11th was not placed where it is drawn, so I checked the place twice to be sure. When leaving the control, I found it
I somehow got distracted by these misfortunes and did not keep it together to 12th, 14th and 15th where I simply had no plan how to approach controls.
Afterwards I regained some orienteering flow and finished without mistakes.
4'05''in mistakes + 1' @11th
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Auseklis/Ozons night #6 my map and route (30/12/2013) Auseklis/Ozons night #6 my map and route (30/12/2013)