Auseklis/Ozons night 8 (13/01/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Bozas
Organiser: Jevgenijs Bondins
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Night middle
Distance: 7.68 km
Time: 48:45
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 185
First o-training in snow. Just some 3 cm of snow. Start in three "waves" with three different first (and last) controls - 1, 16 and 20. I started little faster to get warm but didn't concentrate enough. After small problems to 17th, 19th and 2nd, I pulled myself and continued in steady pace with safe orienteering.
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Auseklis/Ozons night 8 (13/01/2014) Auseklis/Ozons night 8 (13/01/2014)