Kapa sprint (28/06/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tukums
Organiser: COK Silva
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 4.47 km
Time: 17:41
Average HR: 175
Maximum HR: 184
The sprint we deserve but do not need right now. It has become a thing in Latvia - to make too long sprints without any real route choices and in bad maps. Sometimes it doesn't happen and I can have a little celebration, but in most cases people do not know how to make a good sprint orienteering course. And as the courses are unair and boring, not many people get attracted to sprint orienteering. It is like a magical circle.
Anyway, this time, even if the course was simple, I messed it up in the beginning. I couldn't find the start triangle in the map for a long time and instead of stopping and looking at the map, I ran in the random (wrong) direction. I lost focus to 3rd when I turned one alley too soon. Come on! The worst start of a sprint course this season for me!
Then I got myself together, even guessed right where the 6th control will be placed (as the control description was, well ... ambiguous). I think I lost all sprint appetite around 8th and 9th control where it was just terrible course planning. The rest went more or less OK, except for place leaving 13th control where it is drawn on the map that you can definately run between houses but in reality they were absolutely together. I mean - WHAT? How can you miss such a thing when drawing a map and planning a course?
Of course, none of this mattered, as my running speed was just terrible and I finished in 13th place, 2:03 behind the local runner Davis Dislers, who is going to WOC for the first time after a week.
23''in mistakes
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Kapa sprint (28/06/2014) Kapa sprint (28/06/2014)