Kapa III (29/06/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sveikuli
Organiser: OK Kapa
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Shortened long
Distance: 14.14 km
Time: 79:53
Average HR: 169
Maximum HR: 179
The last course in Kapa three days.
When looking at the first two controls, I checked if I have not by mistake taken a map from M12 folder, but no. Not counting the first controls, I liked this course most of all days because finally there were some route choices and some trickier controls.
I took a bad route choice to 5th control and executed it even worse, getting stuck in bad runability after leaving the road. There I was caught by Giedrius Sabaliauskas. I understood at that moment that orienteering race is basically over for me and i have to just "sit in the backseat" for the rest of the course. To my surprise, he missed to 7th - leaving clearing we found ourselves on the wrong side of the marsh. I tried to correct the mistake but passed 7th control by a few meters not seeing it. 50 second mistake was the biggest for me in all three days. I went too straight to 8th - right was better as the runability was such.
We took different route choices until 11th control where my companion got maybe a 5-10 second gap and increased pace significantly. i found it hard to follow and trying to close the gap made a mistake to 12th. So I was alone again.
I also took pussy route choices to 13th, 14th and made a silly mistake to 15th, and lost around 1:20 in these legs.
I stood some 10 seconds very close to 16th control trying to understand what is going on on the map.
After that my pace dropped and stomping mud in the finish I crossed the line totally out of energy.
10th place on the day left me 11th in the overall rankings. If I would have managed to hold on to Sabaliauskas, I would have been 9th, but no higher place was possible for me with this physical shape.
Jonas Vytautas Gvildys won, Rudolfs Zernis took the second place and Anatolijs Tarasovs was third.
4:05 in mistakes.
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Kapa III (29/06/2014) Kapa III (29/06/2014)