Silva League middle (29/04/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Romossen vast
Organiser: Swedish people again
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 0 km
Time: 0:00
Really like this type of middle distances.
Tried to start carefully but somehow couldn't find a safe route to 2nd. Should have gone right using small islands in the marsh. Tried to go straight in direction but started looking for the control too soon and lost 1:10 there.
3-6 were the coolest part of the course. Ran together with some guy from 5th to end and he helped me to keep the pace.
Started to push hard from 14th and ran in the finish with 18th result in H21E2, too slow but technically satistfied except for one control.
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Silva League middle (29/04/2012) Silva League middle (29/04/2012)