Riga Night Challenge 4 (01/12/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Mezsetas
Organiser: George
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Night middle, mass start
Distance: 9.26 km
Time: 54:55
1cm snow, -7 degrees, frozen marshes. Not the best beginning - tried running max fast and orienteering, still some work to do. Some small mistakes but major time loss was just before 11th control where I jumped in marsh, broke ice and hurt my leg, had to stop and recover. Leaders ran away, I tried to close the gap and almost did but could not match their speed and small imperfections in the end cost me a chance to fight for top3. 4th place, valuable training for stress situations and tactical orienteering.
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Riga Night Challenge 4 (01/12/2014) Riga Night Challenge 4 (01/12/2014)