Riga Championship (13/05/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Siena tirelis
Organiser: OK Ozons
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 3rd (last)
Distance: 7.79 km
Time: 39:51
Team: Auseklis I (Zigmars Gailis, Edgars Lakis, me).
First two legs did well and sent me in as third, about two minutes behind Janis Sars (Mezmalas MTB) and 30 seconds after Valters Lubinskis (ZVOC).
Already to 2nd control I caught and passed Valters. He remained with me until spectator control. Had good tempo and orienteering flow.
To fifth couldn't figure which route to take and ran too much on the road, should have gone straight instead.
To 6th made a small mistake because of bad direction in the final part of leg.
To seventh we caught Janis Sars and continued together with me in the front.
Valters couldn't keep up the pace and after 1st spectator control (11) me and other Janis remained in fight for the victory.
I had some bad micro route choices to 15th and in 2nd spectator control arrived on Janis heels.
To 17th I decided victory for my team. Janis chose right route choice to 17th and I immediately took the other. Increased speed and was leader once again.
To 18th made small and nervous mistake but so did Janis.
To 19th ran straight and already there I knew that I will keep the lead. So it was and I was in the winning team second year in row.
Nice to finally win together with my friends Edgars and Zigmars. We have been waiting for this victory long.
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Riga Championship (13/05/2012) Riga Championship (13/05/2012)