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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Siguldas kauss (WRE) (13.08.2023)
Did not expect anything from this race, as last time I run orienteering in Jukola. First 30' was terrible, because of map reading,...
Jukola (17.06.2023)
Sobota 17 červen 2023
Epoo Fagersta, OK Trian, Finland
relay, úsek 1/7|Výsledky
Overall decent run without 2 small mistakes. Sad about last mistake around 1' to third last control where I lost almost 60 places....
Baltic orienteering championship (28.05.2023)
Neděle 28 květen 2023
Kitsemaed-Korela, Varska, OK Peko, Estonia
relay, úsek 2/3|Výsledky
Tired after long, stomach muscle painful, but decide to run. R.Krumins gave me a good position - 3rd 1' after the leaders. Tried t...
Baltic orienteering championship (27.05.2023)
Sobota 27 květen 2023
Kitsemaed-Korela, Varska, OK Peko, Estonia
Very bad beginning as I did not check my compass and just focused on open area near the line, but actually I went 30 degrees to ri...
Latvian championship  (06.05.2023)
Overall OK performance, a bit sad about last part of the race, where did not see the best route to the 20 (left) and execute badly...
Lieldienu balva (WRE) (10.04.2023)
Despite two days of racing before felt good and could run fast enough. Clean race, with route choice mistakes. Finished 11th and q...
Riga cup (09.04.2023)
Neděle 9 duben 2023
Baldone, Riga O-week, Latvia
middle (chase)|Výsledky
Not so good performance. More mistakes in the beginning when tried to run too fast and lost my group. Overall finished 13th (20'' ...
Riga cup (08.04.2023)
Very good performance. One small mistakes (6th) and bigger one to 25th control kicked me out from TOP6. Finished 9th in very stron...
Kurzemes pavasaris (WRE) (01.04.2023)
First touch with map after 4 months brake. Shape is far from good, as I was sick 4 weeks in last 5 week time. One BIG mistake to 4...