Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Cesu Stafete (18-09-2022)
Søndag 18 September 2022
Raiskums, Meridians, Latvia
Relay, etape 3
I started less than two minutes behind third. Due to a shorter forking on no. 3 we were together. I had an opportunity to run away...
Latvian Champs (04-09-2022)
Søndag 4 September 2022
Vipedes ezers, OK Saldus, Latvia
Relay, etape 3
I had a duel on the last loop. Lost it at the second to last flag.
Latvian Champs (03-09-2022)
Lørdag 3 September 2022
Ile, OK Saldus, Latvia
I though I have missed the 14th, hence on the way to no. 15 I turned around and revisited the 14th again. I have never made such a...
Clubmeisterschaft OLG Zurich (06-07-2022)
Onsdag 6 Juli 2022
Zurich Allenmoos , OLG Zurich, Switzerland
3rd place (+0:08)
EFOL relay (30-06-2022)
Torsdag 30 Juni 2022
Dobbiaco, Italy
Relay, etape 1
EFOL middle (28-06-2022)
Tirsdag 28 Juni 2022
San Candido, Italy
Jukola (19-06-2022)
Søndag 19 Juni 2022
Relay, etape 6
What could have been the best Jukola ever - for the team and for myself. But I was disqualified for a mispunched control. Now from...
Winter Stadt-OL (09-01-2022)
Søndag 9 Januar 2022
Stadt Uster, Switzerland
Control 7, 8: I was not aware that green wall is not passable.