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Welcome to my digital map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

Jukola (16/06/2024)
Sunday 16 June 2024
Kauhava airfield, Finland
Night relay, leg 3/7|Results
Latvian Championship Sprint Relay (09/06/2024)
Sunday 9 June 2024
Salaspils, OK Ikskile, SK Briksnis, LOF, Latvia
Mixed sprint relay, leg 2/3|Results
Kvarken viesti (02/06/2024)
Sunday 2 June 2024
Relay, leg 3/3|Results
Latvian Championship Long (11/05/2024)
Saturday 11 May 2024
Dzerbene, OK Meridians, Latvia
10Mila (05/05/2024)
Sunday 5 May 2024
Nynashamn, Sweden
Night relay, leg 6/10|Results
Aronas kauss (20/04/2024)
Saturday 20 April 2024
Laudona, OK Arona, Latvia
Kevätyön viesti (12/04/2024)
Friday 12 April 2024
Pargas IF, Finland
Night Relay, leg 2/3|Results
Kurzemes pavasaris Long (08/04/2024)
Monday 8 April 2024
Liepene, OK Saldus, Latvia
Shorthened long|Results
Kurzemes pavasaris Sprint (06/04/2024)
Saturday 6 April 2024
Ventpils, OK Saldus, Latvia
Kurzemes pavasaris Middle (06/04/2024)
Saturday 6 April 2024
Liepene, OK Saldus, Latvia
Dzintaru O Cup (30/03/2024)
Saturday 30 March 2024
Manglsala, Dzintari Events, Latvia