Meness night relay (20/06/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lielstraupe
Organiser: Meridians
Country: Latvia
Discipline: relay
Leg: 2/4
Distance: 9.39 km
Time: 52:45
Not so good performance. Okay, I was training quite lot before and my legs was not so fresh (also mind).
First leg runner withdrew from the race and my motivation rapidly felt down, but anyway tried to focus on orienteering/running speed.
1' mistake to 4th control where I did not find last attack point in first time, later bad direction.
1'30'' mistake to very easy 6th control where I did not have a proper plan hot to take a control after spectator control.
again 1' mistake to 7th control, where I can not kept direction.
totally 1'20'' mistake to 8th control, where first I navigate in the wrong way (used south not north..) and then run to much on the small path before control.
Two more 30'' mistakes to 11th and 12th control. Totally 6'..
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Meness night relay (20/06/2020)