Latvian championship Long (19/07/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Jaujas
Organiser: LOF
Country: Latvia
Discipline: long
Distance: 21.37 km
Time: 117:02
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 183
Overall I am satisfied with my race, because my orienteering skill is far from good due to small amount of training.
Start too fast and to first 6 controls left around 45'' due bad route execution, later biggest mistake to control No.13 (i had it as 8) 2' where I did not keep my direction. Again similar mistake to control No.18, where I did not see small path and did not keep my direction on green slope (cost me around 1').
Bad direction out of control No.24 again cost me 1' and the last mistake around 30'' was to control No.26 where I run too far and past control.
8th place in the finish, TOP6 was close and even bronze medal was reachable, but from physical side I did not feel strong enough.
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Latvian championship Long (19/07/2020)