Latvian championship (04/09/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ergli
Organiser: LOF | OK Arona
Country: Latvia
Discipline: middle
Distance: 6.79 km
Time: 41:32
Did not expected much, just week after 100k race in Alps. Main idea was to get familiar with the terrain, to understand what to do for tomorrows relay.
I did almost perfect race, already on 2nd control caught a guy for 4' and we did a lot of the course together.
Bad route choice to 3rd control - lost there around 30'' (should go all the way on right or left);
Again bad route choice to 8th control, can not find the path and anyway route was slower - lost there 50'';
and one more bad route choice to last control - lost there again 30'' (should go right on path).

Finished in 7th positions, just lost the TOP6 on the way to last control. I am satisfied.
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Latvian championship (04/09/2021)