Latvian championship (05/09/2021)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ergli
Organiser: LOF | OK Arona
Country: Latvia
Discipline: relay
Leg: 2/3
Distance: 6.53 km
Time: 34:56
Changed the running order after yeesterdays middle. I run 2nd leg.
Mikus did quite OK run in the first leg, lost 7' for the leg winner and finished 9th. I tried to push hard to first control, because couple of guys started 40" ahead. Saw them on the open field, but they all go far to left and I took my control without problems. Really rushed route choice and direction to the 2nd control - wanted to go out on the field straight and use small path, but everything was so green, that already in the beginning lost the direction. On this mistake I loose 1'. All other race was close to perfect and I bring us back to medal fight. Finished 4th, just 1'' after third guy.
Edgars did his job and we can celebrate the bronze medal!
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Latvian championship (05/09/2021)