Jukola (18/06/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Mynämäki
Organiser: MS-52 & Liedon Parma
Country: Finland
Discipline: relay
Leg: 1/7
TuMe 2. Started from first row with a bib number 13.
Did a perfect start to to keep in front after start triangle. Everything wen smooth, but before first control decide to go left around cliffs not a bit right and up to the hill. Splits shows that with this move I lost 1.5'. After that never get in contact with leading group. After 45' of running start to feel that virus what I got couple of days ago kicked me and I can not handle the speed with the group where I was. Did a stupid mistake to 16th control, where I tried to keep in contact with guys, but lost them after we crossed the big road. Run trough the green shit and lost there more 1.5'. Next stupid mistake came to control 18th, where I took alone my forking, but kept going with guys who went to other forking not straight out to electricity line. Last, but biggest mistake was to control 22, where we were only 3 guys and nobody understand where we are. After that found a forking and later other guys show the way to my forking.
Mistakes in the second part of the race came because of physical condition, my body did not respond to running load. One the worst Jukola race ever.
Thanks guys for fighting and we got nice 33rd place in the finish after 7th leg. I will keep running while I will not get that f*cking piece of metal!
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Jukola (18/06/2022)