Viestiliiga final (17/09/2022)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Virvik
Organiser: OK Trian
Country: Finland
Discipline: relay
Leg: 1/3
Started from last row, but took very good and smoothly the first control. After that I was on my way to 2nd control, but in the last part of the leg did not check a compass and join for the guys which came from other forking Missed around 1.5'. Rushed route choice to the next one, but compensated with fast running. Again mistake to the 4th control around 1'20'' and 1' mistake to the 5th as I just followed for TP runner Antti Saikko. OK run up to 11th control, but biggest mistake to the 12th control, wher I checked the place with lamp just before the control, but did not saw the control, so followed more further, but there was a forking... 2.5' mistake. After that I was alone and just finished the leg.
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Viestiliiga final (17/09/2022)