Baltic orienteering championship (27/05/2023)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kitsemaed-Korela, Varska
Organiser: OK Peko
Country: Estonia
Discipline: long
Very bad beginning as I did not check my compass and just focused on open area near the line, but actually I went 30 degrees to right. did not saw the road and only noticed that something is wrong when I was on the hill in kind of yellow. (1.5' mistake). Later stuck on swamp up to the waist to the 3rd control and changed my plan - run around. Lost there another 1.5'. Another 1.5' to very easy control (8th) - again did not work with my compass! Butterfly was okay, just missed 20th control for 1'. Executed will the long leg, but lost my focus for last 6 controls, as I was very tired and my stomach muscle became painful. Lost on those controls 5 (!) minutes. So very bad run with 10.5' on mistakes. 18/34
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Baltic orienteering championship (27/05/2023)