Team Latvia Contactless Middle (02/05/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sietiniezis
Organiser: ZVOC
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Long middle
Distance: 8.04 km
Time: 47:01
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 173
Team Latvia training, organised by ZVOC. Four day period when to run the course.
Took it as a race, with proper coffee consumption (2 cups!!), full warm-up and set start minute (12.00). Of course, the map was available before the start, but I tried to avoid looking at the course as much as possible.
Map is from 2011 and there were only small orange stripes at the control sites, difficult to spot even when at the right place.

First control was trouble already. Missed punch. I was pretty sure that I am very close to the control and decided not to spend too much time to find the stripe. +40’' After the race I checked that I actually was not at the exactly right spot. Oooops.
* 3DRerun shows that running around the hill was 15'' faster.
Spring orienteering to third, when direction drifted in the flat area, +15’’.
Fourth mp again. Even when checked the place afterwards, at first I was sure that the control was placed wrong, but then realised that I am the one who is wrong.
To the fifth classic parallel mistake, +1'10'' Fantastic first five controls!
Route choice to 8th was probably wrong as there was no path in the clearing anymore. But maybe it was fine anyway.
Rookie mistake to 11. +25’' Folding the map and looking at the rest of the course, ran past the control. To be honest, I would probably see it if there was a real flag. But no excuse for my mistake.
Was pushing quite a bit in the beginning of 13th leg and lost control at the end of the leg. Not much (+15’’/20’') damage done as the runability was rather good where I ran, so I could correct the mistake fast.
I don’t know about the route to 16th. Maybe straight was faster even if it’s not as white as it was 9 years ago. Maybe.

First race pace orienteering in a while and I could feel it. Around three minutes in mistakes and two mp’s. At least running felt good.
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Team Latvia Contactless Middle (02/05/2020) Team Latvia Contactless Middle (02/05/2020)